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Special Announcement:

Bernie's Deli, Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, Buffalo Wing University, Dunkin Donuts, 7-11, Paisano's, Potbelly's, The Green Turtle, Vamoose Bus, Samurai Japanese Steakhouse, Yen Cheng, Pizza, Hut, Isola de Pace, and University Mall Theatres are currently accepting Mason Money. Please check back for when other Off-Campus Merchants will be available.

Mason's Debit Card System

This is a prepaid debit program that provides a fast, safe and convenient way to make purchases on and off campus. One of the great things about Mason Money is convenience!

Make deposits easily!
• Online with Visa or MasterCard.
• Mason Money Office, SUB 1, Room 1203, using Visa, MasterCard, Cash, or Check.
• Card Management Centers (CMCs) located in each of the libraries, accepting cash.
• Mason Money Stations – next to the Mason Money Office, accepting Visa or MasterCard. New locations currently being installed.
• iPhone app (version 4.3) Download the Mason Card app for free!
• Droid - Download the Mason Card app.

Deposited funds are available for immediate use. No need to carry cash when you have Mason Money!

Current list of venues accepting Mason Money:

Dining Venues:

Fairfax Campus:

Art & Design Center - Jazzman's

Blue Ridge at Chesapeake - One Stop Patriot Shop, Starbucks

Engineering Building - Einstein Bros Bagels

Enterprise Hall - Simply to Go

Fenwick Library - Jazzman's

Hampton Roads - Pilot House

the Hub - Original Burger

Johnson Center - Burger King, Hot Spot, Freshens, Jazzman's, Express General Store, La Patisserie, La Vincita, Peet's Coffee & Tea, Mein Bowl, Sangam Indian Cuisine, Sub Connection, The Bistro

President's Park - Ike's Diner, coming Fall of 2014, open 24 hours, 380 seat dining hall

Recreation Athletics Center - Freshens

Rogers Hall - Subway, Second Stop

Southside Dining - Goldrush, Southside

Student Union I - Chick-fil-A, Jazzman's, Rathskeller, Taco Bell

Tidewater - Auntie Anne's, Red Mango

University Hall - Einstein Bros Bagels, Panda Express

Arlington Campus: Einstein's Bros Bagels

Prince William Campus: Randall's Cafe, Jazzman's

Retail Venues:

Fairfax Campus: Bookstore, Copy Centers, Computer Lab Printing, Corner Pocket, ECE - Class Project Equipment, School of Art - Print Studio, School of Art - Photography, Student Health Services, JC Locker Rental, Mail Services - JC & the Hub, Mason Pond Deck, Microfiche Printing, Parking Services, Patriot Center Ticket Office and Concessions, Patriot Computer Store, Mason Card Office, Photocopying. University Hall - UPS Store

Arlington Campus: Bookstore, Computer Lab Printing, Microfiche Printing, Photocopying.

Prince William: Bookstore, Computer Lab Printing, Microfiche Printing, Photocopying.

Off Campus Mason Merchants: Here

Balances are refundable upon graduating, transferring, or separation from the university. Early withdrawals are allowed under exigent circumstances. Please check the terms and agreement for refund processes.

Mason Money Terms and Agreement

Click here to open Terms and Agreement

Depositing Funds in Person

Mason Card Office - Visit the Mason Card office located in SUB 1, Room 1203. Cash, check, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted. Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:30. Mason Money deposits end at 4:30PM daily.

Card Management Center's - Located in each of the five libraries. Cash denominations of $1, $5, $10, & $20 are accepted. Patron cards can be purchases for $1.

Mason Money Stations – Location next to the Mason Money Office. Deposits can be made 24/7 using Visa or MasterCard. Additional stations are currently being installed.

*Location will be operational soon


SUB 1, Room 1203
Johnson Center Copy Shoppe*
Fenwick Library, 1st Floor
Innovation Hall, 3rd Floor




Mason Money Cards



Prince William

Occoquan Building Mercer Library
Bull Run Hall, 2nd Floor Atrium*




Mason Money Cards



Hazel Hall Library
Founders Hall Arlington Library
Founders Hall, Lobby




Mason Money Cards


Description: Patron Card
New Card

Depositing Funds Online

Online Card Office -
Open 24 hours a day! You must accept the Mason Money Account Agreement terms to enter the online system. Your user name and password are needed to log in. This is the same as your masonlive or email.

Guest Deposits - Generous parents, relatives, and friends... Make a guest deposit online for your favorite Mason student by accepting the Mason Money Account Agreement terms via the online system. When entering the G number, use the G and zeroes (G00012345). Federal privacy laws restrict the Mason Money office from giving out G numbers.

Mason Money Cards – Use the guest feature for making deposits online.  

Deposit Minimum - A $10 minimum deposit is required.