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Community Dining Program

Fall 2014 & Spring 2015

All students (including RAs, seniors, and graduate students) living on campus in a residence without full kitchens, are required to participate in the resident meal plan program.

Anytime Dining

George Mason University is moving to community dining. This type of dining is geared towards enjoying meals with friends (both old and new), providing healthy options, and foods to accommodate dietary concerns. Community dining is the perfect way to experience campus life to the fullest!

Anytime Dining


Semester Price

Guest Meals













Anytime Dining plans can be accessed 24 hours a day on all three campuses. The Iris Camera System is used for entry on the Fairfax campus. The Mason ID is used on all other campuses and for bonus funds.

  • Fairfax Campus – Unlimited Access
    • Southside - Monday thru Friday - 7 am to 9 pm
    • Pilot House - Sunday thru Thursday 9 pm to 7 am
    • Ike’s - 24/7
    • The Globe
      • Monday thru Friday 7 am to 7 pm
      • Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 7pm
    • Prince William Campus 2 Swipes a Day
      • Randall’s Café
      • Jazzman’s Café
    • Arlington Campus 2 Swipes a Day
      • Einstein Bros Bagels

      Bonus funds are accepted in all Mason Dining venues, a total of 36 options!

      View Mason Dining Venues Here

      Special Notes

      • Campus residences with full kitchens are exempt from the residential meal plan program.
        • Residence with Full Kitchens include:
          Apartments | Townhouse | Liberty Square | Northern Neck | Potomac Heights | Rogers.
      • Guest meals are provided with each of the Anytime Dining plans each semester
      • Bonus Funds can be increased by upgrading to the next meal plan. Bonus Funds must be used by the end of the semester.
      • Tuesday, September 2, 2014 is the last day to drop or lower meal plans.

      Block and Traditional Plans

      Block plans consist of a set amount of meals to be budgeted throughout the semester. These plans are designed for students required to go off campus e.g. for athletic events, internships, off campus employment.

      Traditional plans offer weekly allotments which reset 5:00AM on Fridays. These plans accommodate regular schedules but different appetites. 

      Freedom Funds offer dollar for dollar purchasing power which is great for the student on the go that can budget the funds throughout the 16 week semester. 

      Traditional Freedom
      Bonus Semester
      Bonus Semester
      Options Semester
      130 $100 $1,586 10 $100 $1,669 Rings $1,872
      150 $100 $1,643 15 $100 $1,877 First $2,184
      175 $100 $1,716 19 $100 $2,023
      200 $100 $1,773
      230 $100 $1,867


      Special Notes

      • The best value for the Block and Traditional plans is in Southside, Ike’s, and The Globe where one meal swipe is required for entry. Iris Camera System can be used for entry.
      • Block and Traditional swipes are accepted in the majority of the dining venues on a meal swipe equivalency rate:
        • Breakfast - $5.50
        • Lunch & Dinner - $7.00
      • Freedom and Bonus funds are accepted in all dining venues and are available approximately one week prior to classes.
      • There are approximately 16 weeks in the semester to budget usage.
      • All meal plans, bonus, and freedom funds should be used by the end of the semester and do not carry forward.
      • Meal plan changes from Anytime Dining to Traditional, Block, or Freedom will not be allowed.
      • Tuesday, September 2, 2014 is the last day to drop/lower meal plans.

      Optional Meal Plans

      Optional meal plans are perfect for students living on campus in residences with full kitchens and for students living off campus. Students are encouraged to participate in a social dining atmosphere and take advantage of tax exempt dining.

      Optional Plans



      Green & Gold

      25 Meals



      50 Meals


      Super Patriot

      75 Meals


      Freedom Bell
      Dollar for Dollar

      Special Notes

        Green & Gold, Patriot, and Super Patriot are accepted on all three campuses:

      • Fairfax Campus
        • Southside - Monday thru Friday - 7am to 9 pm
        • Ike’s - 24/7
        • Bistro - Monday thru Friday - 11am to 2:30 pm
        • Pilot House - Sunday thru Thrusday - 9 pm to 7 am
        • The Globe
          • Monday thru  Friday  7 am to 7 pm
          • Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 7 pm
        • Prince William Campus 2 Swipes a Day
          • Randall’s Café
          • Jazzman’s Café
        • Arlington Campus 2 Swipes a Day
          • Einstein Bros Bagels
        • These plans are only accepted in Southside, The Globe, Randall’s Café, Jazzman’s Café, and Einstein Bros Bagels.
        • Freedom funds can be used in all 36 Mason dining venues.
        • Optional plans and Freedom funds are for the semester only. Unused balances from the fall no longer carry forward to the spring.
        • Tuesday, September 2, 2014 is the last day to drop/lower meal plans.

        Adding, Changing, Dropping

        Email the Mason Card Office from your account. Include your G number and meal plan option. A confirmation will be returned once the request has been processed.


        Meal plans offer tax exempt dining and are billed to the student account which can be viewed on Patriot Web.


        If a meal plan is required and has not been selected, the Anytime Dining Silver will be assigned by default. Meal plans are intended for personal use. The Mason ID is used to access meal plans. Mason IDs will be turned into the Dean of Student’s Office if they are being used by other individuals. 

        Dietary Concerns

        Contact Lois Durant, Registered Dietician for Mason Dining, for allergies, medical, religious, or dietary concerns. 
        Phone: 703.993.3283


        Students are encouraged to contact the Meal Plan Office for additional information.

        Student Union Building 1, Room 1203
        Phone: 703.993.2870