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Resident Student Meal Plans



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Academic Year Fall 2013 & Spring 2014 Approved Prices

To meet nutritional needs and experience campus life to the fullest, most students living on campus are required to participate in the resident meal plan program. All freshmen are required to have a meal plan, no matter where they reside on campus. Seniors, resident advisors and upper class students living in areas with full kitchen facilities are exempt. These areas include the apartments, Liberty Square, Northern Neck, Potomac Heights, Rogers, and the townhouses.

Traditional and Block Plans

Freshmen may select from any of the Block or Traditional Plans.

Traditional Plans Bonus Funds

Semester Price

10 Meals - Traditional
No Bonus Dollars
10 Meals - Flex
15 Meals - Flex
19 Meals - Flex

*Ultimate meal plan allows for unlimited entry into Southside exclusively.

Block Plans Bonus Funds Semester Price
Flex 100 - Semester
Flex 130 - Semester
Flex 150 - Semester
Flex 175 - Semester
Flex 200 - Semester
Flex 230 - Semester


Block plans consist of a set amount of meals to be used throughout the semester. There are approximately 16 weeks in each semester. Traditional plans offer a set amount of meals per week which reset 5:00 a.m. every Friday morning. The Ultimate meal plan is the exception. This meal plan allows unlimited entry into Southside exclusively!
The best value for the Block and Traditional plans is in Southside, one meal swipe is required for entry into the all-you-care to eat location. Southside is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Dining venues in the Johnson Center, the Hub (SUB I), and the Pilot House work on an equivalency basis. During breakfast hours one meal swipe is equivalent to $5.50*; the rate for lunch and dinner is $7.00*. Different venues list equiv a meals (which may include entree, side, and drink) that total to an equivalency rate.
If the meal purchase total is:

  • Less than the equivalency rate - consider using bonus dollars instead of a meal swipe.
  • More than the equivalency rate - bonus dollars and/or additional meal swipes can be used. Be sure to use meal swipes wisely!

*equivalency rate is subject to increase.

Bonus funds are accepted at any time in all dining venues and at both convenience stores.

The consumption expectation is that:

  • All Traditional and Block meal swipes be used by the end of each week/semester. Remaining meals do not roll over.
  • Bonus dollars become available approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of classes. They are to be used by the end of each semester. Remaining bonus dollars do not roll over.

Freedom Funds

Upper classmen may select from any of the Block and Traditional plans, or the Freedom Funds.

Upper Classmen Options
Semester Price
Freedom Rings
Freedom First

The Freedom Funds meal plans offers dollar for dollar purchasing power in all dining venues. Freedom funds become available approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of classes.
Freedom Funds expected consumption:

  • Is based on approximately 16 weeks.
  • Freedom funds are to be used by the end of each semester. Remaining funds do not roll over.

The Mason ID is used to access meal plans and may be obtained during the orientation session after students have registered for classes. The Mason ID and resident meal plans are for the individual's use whose picture appears on the Mason ID. Meal plans will be billed through Student Accounts.

Perfect Meal Plan for you...

Here are some guidelines to take into consideration:

  • Accounting for spring break and holidays, semesters are approximately 16 weeks. Excellent budget tool for the Block plans and Freedom Funds plans.
  • Prefer to eat smaller portions several times a day - consider the Ultimate plan or Freedom Funds plans.
  • Prefer eating two or three square meals each day - consider the Block 175, Block 200, or Ultimate plans.
  • Required to be on campus while classes are not in session ( i.e., athletes, student employees...) - Freedom Funds plans and Bonus dollars are available approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of classes. (Block/Traditional meals become available when classes begin.)
  • Not staying on campus for the weekends - consider one of the Block 130, Block 150, or the Traditional 10 Weekly.
  • Class schedule is also a consideration.

Click here to view dining venues on the Fairfax Campus

Meal Plan - Adding, Changing, Dropping

Please complete the change form and submit to the Meal Plan Office. Form

The Meal Plan Change Form is in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer in order to update and save your changes in the pdf document. You must save the form to your computer before attaching it to your email to us. The form must be sent from a gmu email address.
If you need to download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader (free), visit the Adobe Systems Incorporated web site at

Last day to downgrade/cancel meal plans is Tuesday, January 28th


Special Dietary Needs

For dietary needs or concerns, contact Lois Durant, Registered Dietician for Mason Dining. She can be contacted either by voice at 703.993.3283 or email at:


Students are encouraged to contact the Meal Plan Office for additional information.