Mason Card Office

Departmental Copy Cards

Order Copy Cards

To order new or replacement copy cards complete the attached form and email it to copy The form should be emailed from the departmental copy card contact or the individual having signature authority on the organization code. All information needs to be included on the form.

A $10 fee will be charged for all lost, damaged, and, replacement cards.


To keep the data base current email all the following changes to

  • Contacts
  • ORGs & Funds
  • Grant Ending Dates
  • Employees
  • Department Reorganizations

Billing & Statements

Normal billing cycle is the first day through the last day of the month. This cycle may be changed to accommodate the fiscal year end and holiday breaks.

Monthly statements are printed and sent via inner office to each department's copy card contact shortly after the first of the next month. Following are contacts to address any questions:

Contact Department MSN Voice Email
Aqua Bush-Askew Print Services
Laura Callahan Mason Card Office