Summer Meal Plans 2017

Summer 2017 Meal Plans

Both Patriot and Freedom Plans are available during the summer 2017 session. Access begins on Sunday, May 21st and ends Saturday, August 19th. The Mason ID is used for access. Mason dining summer hours of operation can be view on the Mason Dining website.

Patriot Meal Plans

Patriot meal plans come equipped with a set amount of swipes and Bonus funds.  Meal swipes are accepted in the Globe, which operates on an abbreviated schedule. Two daily swipes are accepted on Arlington and Science Technology Campuses.

Step 1: Choose Your Plan

Green & Gold
25 Meals
55 Meals
Super Patriot
85 Meals

Step 2: Choose the amount of Bonus Funds

Bonus funds offer dollar-for-dollar purchasing power in all dining venues on all campuses. A complete list of venues can be viewed on the Mason Dining website. The funds can be increased to the next available amount and must be used by the end of the summer session.


Step 3: Calculate Total Semester Price

To determine the total cost of your meal plan, add the base price of your Patriot plan to your choice of Bonus amount.

Ex: Super Patriot + $200 Bonus → $550 + $200 = $750

Freedom Funds

Freedom Funds offer dollar-for-dollar purchasing power in all dining locations on all three campuses. Remaining balances do not roll over and must be used by the end of the summer session.

Freedom 400
Freedom 1,000


Adding, Changing, Dropping Meal Plans

Email the Mason Card Office from your masonlive or email account. Be sure to include the following information.

  • Name
  • G Number
  • Meal Plan Option (including amount of Bonus or Freedom)
  • Summer Semester

A confirmation email will be sent once the request has been processed. The $100 Bonus will be assigned with any of the Patriot plans if the amount is not included in the request.


Meal plans offer tax-exempt dining and are billed to the student account which may be viewed on Patriot Web.

Dietary Concerns

Contact Mary Brown, Registered Dietitian for Mason Dining, for allergy, medical, religious, or dietary concerns.

Phone: 703.993.3283


Students are encouraged to contact the Meal Plan Office for additional information.

Student Union Building 1, Room 1203
Phone: 703.993.2870