Become a Mason Merchant

How to Become a Mason Merchant

What is Mason Money?

Mason Money is a prepaid declining balance account accessed with the Mason ID or Mason Money Card.



  • Mason Merchants capture approximately 2% of the total Mason Money deposits (on average $1.5 million per year).
  • Mason Money allows for budgeted spending.
  • By becoming a Mason Merchant, the door is open to over 45,000 potential customers.
  • Proudly display the Mason Money Accepted Here sign in your store window to attract customers!





What Are Some Advantages of Becoming a Mason Merchant?

  • Turn potential customers into regulars by increasing purchasing power.
  • Reach the entire campus community – over 39,000 students and 6,000 faculty/staff.
  • Benefit from a campus announcement about your business accepting Mason Money.
  • Opportunity for free advertising on social media when specials and discounts are offered.
  • Free placement of business logo and contact information on this website and Mason Money App.
  • Monthly reimbursements via ACH.


Interested in Becoming a Mason Merchant?

Contact Mason Card by sending an email to learn more about becoming a Mason Merchant.