Benefits and Uses


Valid Mason ID

  • Free Cue Bus Rides!
  • Discounts and/or Priority seating on specified Eagle Bank Arena events
  • Library Privileges
  • Check cashing at the Apple Federal Credit Union campus location
  • Use of Field House

Full Time Students 

  • Free entry into the Fairfax Aquatic & Fitness Center
  • 15 Free visits to the Prince William Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center
  • Free admittance to specified Concert Hall performances
  • Free Admittance into Johnson Center Cinema
  • Select discounts at Patriot Computer Store
  • Intramural Sports Participation


  • Reduced rates at the Fairfax Aquatic & Fitness Center, Prince William Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center and Intercollegiate Athletic Events
  • Advanced purchase notice and discounts for Concert Hall Performances
  • 10% Discount on Mason Bookstore purchases
  • Apple Federal Credit Union Membership
  • $1 entry into Johnson Center Cinema
  • Faculty/Staff Meal Plan
  • Select discounts at Patriot Tech Store


Library Card

The Mason ID serves as a library card for George Mason University and the Washington Research Library Consortium:

University of DC
Catholic University
Marymount University
George Washington University
Georgetown University
American University
Gallaudet University
Howard University

Swipe Access/Entry 

The Mason ID can be used for keyless entry into rooms, buildings, and dorms.

Meal Plan & Mason Money 

Purchase your lunch using the Mason ID to access Mason Money or Meal Plans. No need to carry cash!

Photo Copying & Computer Lab Printing 

Both Mason IDs and Patron cards can be used for coping and printing. Patron cards can be purchased for $1 at any of the Card Management Centers located within each Library.