Mason ID


Mason ID Requirements

Mason IDs may be obtained on each campus. In order to have a Mason ID printed:

  • Students must be registered for the current semester.
  • Electronic approval hiring process (in Banner) must be complete for faculty/staff, contract employees, and affiliates.
  • Some form of picture ID (i. e… current driver’s license, military ID, Visa, Passport) must be presented before obtaining the first Mason ID.
  • Please bring your ‘G’ number.
  • Specific ID photo requirements are as follows:
    1. Sunglasses or other articles which obscure the face are not acceptable unless required for medical reasons (an eye patch, for example). In cases of medical necessity, a note from a health care provider must be presented before the picture can be taken. A replacement ID should be created as soon as the item is no longer required.
    2. Hats or other head coverings are acceptable only when required by religious beliefs, tenants, traditions or customs, and may not cover any portion of the applicant’s face. Another form of ID issued by a government or civil agency should be provided in support of the request. (Photographs of applicants wearing tribal, national costume, or other headgear not specifically religious in nature are not acceptable).
    3. The subject’s expression should be natural, with both eyes open. Side or angled views are NOT acceptable.
    4. Applicants must face forward with any distracting articles and objects out of view. The picture must be of the head and shoulders only with a white background.
    5. Any special requests for exceptions must be submitted to the Mason Card Office in writing. Please include name, G Number, and address. Subject will be notified by mail of the University’s decision. Retakes at a subject’s request will be subject to the $20.00 replacement fee.

Mason ID Policies

The first Mason ID is Free. If treated properly, the card will last your entire stay at Mason.

$20  Replacement Fee for lost, damaged and stolen cards.

Do not puncture, laminate, or fold the Mason ID.

Mason IDs are not transferable. The Mason ID is for campus use and is intended to be used by the individual whose name and photo appears on the front of the card. Misuse is subject to judicial proceedings.

Distance Learners:

  • Students enrolled in a distance learning program should email a digital image of their valid driver’s license and G number to the Mason Card Office at A photo to be used on the Mason ID can be submitted with the email or uploaded via the electronic photo submission process, ensuring the photo conforms with the requirements listed above. Once enrollment is confirmed, the Mason ID will be produced and mailed.

Electronic Photo Submission Process

The Mason Card Office is now receiving pictures electronically for the Mason ID. Pictures can be submitted to the Mason Card Office through the Mason Money website or via Mason Money smart phone app. Click this link for the process.

If your card is missing or stolen, please take immediate action!

  • Contact the Mason ID Office at 703.993.1004. If after business hours, leave a voice mail requesting that your Mason ID be deactivated, clearly stating your name, G number, and contact information.
  • Log into the Online Card Office to freeze the Mason ID. This will prevent any unauthorized usage of Mason Money and meal plans. Login here.
  • Contact your office or building manager should the card be used for building access.

Where to Obtain the Mason ID:

FAIRFAX CAMPUSMason Card Office, MSN 5A5
Sub 1, Room 1203
Colgan Hall, Room 202
ARLINGTON CAMPUSArlington Operations, MSN 5A7
Founders Hall, Room 220
21335 Signal Hill Plaza, MSN 1G9

New Faculty and New Classified Staff are welcome to obtain their first Mason ID at the Human Resources Welcome Center located in Merten Hall.