Mason Money Online

Mason Money Online services include deposits to your account, checking your balance, deactivating your card and guest deposits. A $5.00 minimum deposit is required.

Logging in couldn’t be simpler…

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Mason ID Card Holders

You must accept the Mason Money Account Agreement terms to enter the transaction system. When entering your G number, use the G and zeroes (G00012345).

Guest Deposits

Generous parents, relatives, and friends… Make a guest deposit for your favorite Mason person by accepting the Mason Money Account Agreement terms to make your transaction. When entering the G number, use the G and zeroes (G00012345). Federal privacy laws restrict the Mason Money office from giving out G numbers.

Patron Card Holders 

Patron Cards can be purchased for $1 from any of the five Card Management Centers located in each library.

To add money to your Patron Card:

  • Use one of the CMC’s located in the libraries (cash only)
  • Stop by the Mason ID Office (cash, check or Visa or MasterCard, SUB 1, Room 1203.
  • On-line at Mason Money Online using a Visa or MasterCard.

New Look for the Patron Card

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