Mason Card Replacement

Many have noticed the new face of the Mason ID. Along with the new branding comes newer capabilities and improved security. This replacement started three years ago and will complete this fall.  Since the incoming freshmen in the fall of 2015, all Mason IDs have used this new card stock. If your Mason ID has a photo of the Johnson Center, you already have the new card and no further action is needed.

It’s now time for the final phase of our transition to get the new card into the hands of all active faculty, staff, wage, and students before the old cards will no longer work on all the following systems.

Meal Plans | Mason Money | Building Swipe Access | Copying | Printing | Libraries

Bring the old card along with a valid photo ID. The current picture can be used or a new photo can be taken. Door access will update within 5 minutes.

If you do not have your previous Mason ID to turn in, then a $20 replacement card fee may be charged. Please visit the Mason Card Office in person to obtain your new ID.

Old cards will be deactivated on October 23rd, 2017. After this time, the old cards will no longer have any swiping capabilities.

Until then, all are welcome to visit the Mason Card Office, located in Student Union Building 1, Room 1203, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm to update to the new ID. For your convenience, the office is open late on Tuesdays until 7:00 pm.